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28 January 2020

6th coordination meeting - Italy

The 6th coordination meeting of the MobileBE project took place in Turin (Italy) on 28-31 January…
25 June 2019

5th coordination meeting - France

The 5th coordination meeting of the MobileBE project took place in Cherbourg (France) on 26-27 June…
13 March 2019

4th coordination meeting - Spain

The 4th coordination meeting of the MobileBE project took place in Cariñena (near by Zaragoza) in…
07 August 2018

3rd coordination meeting - Sweden

The 3rd coordination meeting of the MobileBE project took place in Västeras (Sweden) on 8-9 August…
18 April 2018

2nd coordination meeting - Bulgaria

The second international coordination meeting of the MobileBE project toke place on April 18-19…
Next events
11 May 2020

POSTPONE - International staff training

The staff training is cancelled, because of COVID-19. Hopefully the staff training can be made up…
22 June 2020

POSTPONE - final coordination meeting - Germany

The final international coordination meeting is cancelled, because of COVID-19. Hopefully the staff…
Related Projects

CPEPA Cariñena (Zaragoza)


Centro Público de Educación de Personas Adultas (CPEPA) Ricardo Sola Almau

Las Monjas 27
50400 Cariñena (Zaragoza)
España (Spain)

Website: ---

The center “Ricardo Sola Almau” is an Education Center which provides public education to adults (from 18, sometimes 16, until no limit age)

It offers formal, non-formal and informal education to adults from a rural area in Zaragoza (Spain): Cariñena and other 10 townships with adults education classrooms, which are distributed in a radius of 60 km. The 11 townships (localities) have a total population of 30 000. The number of inhabitants and the socioeconomic characteristics are very different between them. As a result of this diversity, the profile of the students who attend lessons and their educational needs are also very different.


  • Adult education: elementary education, literacy, basic competences, cultural workshops, languages, drama courses, digital literacy, health education…
  • Access to academic qualifications of our education system:  Training for access to official qualification courses.
  • E-learning: It’s the starting point of a great variety of courses for adults through different platforms. – Aula Mentor is an open education which is promoted by the Spanish Department of Education, Culture and Science. – Moodle: It offers Secondary education, training cycles and competences course.  It is a project of the department of Aragon education. – AVE. It is a public Institution created by Spanish country in 1991 to promote the learning and study of the Spanish language
  • Professional training: socio-health care for elderly certificate of professional competence.
  • Community development: revitalization of social life and community life of our localities by means of encounters, talks, local publications…
  • Socio cultural integration of immigrants: Spanish as a tool to achieve social integration with a CLIL approach, intercultural activities.
  • Educational orientation/guidance: personalized educational itineraries adapted to the students’ profiles.
  • Innovation: Didactic – use of methods to recognize knowledge; adaptation of the portfolio to the profiles- technique – ICT integration in the teachings as a collaborative work tool in order to train and coordinate educators – recognized by the Department of the Autonomous Community of Aragón.
12 hired educators and three civil servants depending on the Education Department of the Autonomous Community of Aragon:

2015/2016 school year: Enrolments: 931. Formal education: 571. Non-formal education: 360

Quality control system:  UNE – EN ISO 9001: 2008 - accredited by the Government of Aragón.
Pilot projects presented briefly

Piloting in Vienna (Austria)

Herbert Depner, Die Wiener Volkshochschulen (Austria)

Piloting in Västerås (Sweden)

Jazmin Petersson, Västerås folkhögskola, Sweden

Piloting in Cherbourg (France)

Sébastien Dubost, INFREP, Cherbourg, France (Institut National de Formation et de Recherche sur…

Piloting in Cariñena (Spain)

Saray Baquedano, Centro Público de Educación de Adultos, Cariñena/Zaragoza

Piloting in Loveč (Bulgaria)

Svilen Andreev, Združenie “Znanie”, Loveč

Piloting in Torino (Italy)

Claudia Ducange, Fondacione Casa di Carità, Torino

Piloting in Göttingen (Germany)

Gundula Laudin, Volkshochschule Göttingen Osterode

Piloting in Hannover (Germany)

Christian Geiselmann, Volkshochschule Hannover (Germany)

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