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28 January 2020

6th coordination meeting - Italy

The 6th coordination meeting of the MobileBE project took place in Turin (Italy) on 28-31 January…
25 June 2019

5th coordination meeting - France

The 5th coordination meeting of the MobileBE project took place in Cherbourg (France) on 26-27 June…
13 March 2019

4th coordination meeting - Spain

The 4th coordination meeting of the MobileBE project took place in Cariñena (near by Zaragoza) in…
07 August 2018

3rd coordination meeting - Sweden

The 3rd coordination meeting of the MobileBE project took place in Västeras (Sweden) on 8-9 August…
18 April 2018

2nd coordination meeting - Bulgaria

The second international coordination meeting of the MobileBE project toke place on April 18-19…
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11 May 2020

POSTPONE - International staff training

The staff training is cancelled, because of COVID-19. Hopefully the staff training can be made up…
22 June 2020

POSTPONE - final coordination meeting - Germany

The final international coordination meeting is cancelled, because of COVID-19. Hopefully the staff…
Related Projects

Examples of Good Practice

The first workpackage in this project was compiling examples of good practice for educational opportunities in the sense of MobileBE, i.e. unconventional approaches to providing basic education to adults who are facing hardship or restrictions to attend ordinary courses.

Here is a list of what we found as good practice in our vicinity (the respective countries, regions or cities).

This is of course not an exhaustive list of what is being done in the respective countries. The list rather reflects what a) we found would fit the core idea of MobileBE and b) we had access to in the shortage of time (as this is not a full-scale academic project anyway).

[Note: So far we publish here simply the list. Later, more information will be added on these examples of good practice. ]

Germany (Partner 1)

  • DE01 – Literacy training hidden in a healthy cooking course
  • DE03 – Cycling and literacy
  • DE03 – Maths for construction workers
  • DE04 – Literacy and basic education for mothers in the kindergarten

Austria (Partner 2)

  • AT01 – Basic Education via Learning German as a Second Language
  • AT02 – Basic Education via “Mama learns German”
  • AT03 – Migration Kompetenz Alphabetisierung (MIKA)
  • AT04 – Quick steps: Effective, small steps and learner-centred Basic Education facilities

Spain (Partner 3)

  • ES01 – Adunare Foundation Adult Education Center
  • ES02 – Meeting of adult education participants
  • ES03 – Mentor Aula (E-Learning Project)
  • ES04 – Secondary Education Programme

Bulgaria (Partner 4)

  • BG01 – The refugee project: language training for refugees in Sofia
  • BG02 – Amalipe Center for Interethnic Dialogue
  • BG03 – Provide non-formal training in Bulgarian and Mathematics to people sentenced to Probation without or low education
  • BG4 – Donate an Hour” – new technologies for elderly people.

France (Partner 5)

  • FR01 – Second chance to find fulfilment in work - Refresher training for employees of three integration workshops in Brittany
  • FR02 – Reading, Writing, and Counting (L. E. C) (in Cherbourg)
  • FR03 – Cles en main: a unique device in the cleaning sector
  • FR04 – “Ouvrir l’école aux parents” Opening school to parents (Carpentras)

Italy (Partner 6)

  • IT01 – Fuori la lingua - Out your tongue!
  • IT02 – Opera con Calabria - Recover social and basic skills in a training enterprise
  • IT03 – Vocational training of detainees
  • IT04 – Cotti in Fragranza - Basic education of young prisoners in a bakery

Germany (Partner 7)

  • DE05 – ABCami - Literacy training in the mosque
  • DE06 – GO Niedersachsen (GO Lower Saxony)
  • DE07 – KOMPASS: Literacy training for employees in nursing homes.
  • DE08 – Family literacy project (VHS Oldenburg)

Sweden (Partner 8)


Pilot projects presented briefly

Piloting in Hannover (Germany)

Christian Geiselmann, Volkshochschule Hannover (Germany)

Piloting in Västerås (Sweden)

Jazmin Petersson, Västerås folkhögskola, Sweden

Piloting in Torino (Italy)

Claudia Ducange, Fondacione Casa di Carità, Torino

Piloting in Göttingen (Germany)

Gundula Laudin, Volkshochschule Göttingen Osterode

Piloting in Cariñena (Spain)

Saray Baquedano, Centro Público de Educación de Adultos, Cariñena/Zaragoza

Piloting in Vienna (Austria)

Herbert Depner, Die Wiener Volkshochschulen (Austria)

Piloting in Loveč (Bulgaria)

Svilen Andreev, Združenie “Znanie”, Loveč

Piloting in Cherbourg (France)

Sébastien Dubost, INFREP, Cherbourg, France (Institut National de Formation et de Recherche sur…

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