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25 October 2020

Our 16 pilot projects - briefly presented

Read here short presentations of our 16 pilot projects - basic education offers tailor-made for…
26 August 2020

Multiplier Event Online - for Germany and Austria

A multiplier event for MobileBE will be held - in German language - on 26 August 2020. This is an…
15 July 2020

See our European picture book

A spin-off product of the MobileBE project is a picture book with a collection of artist's…
Pilot courses in video
Galina Lang, the German-Bulgarian teacher, speaks about the educational needs of her course participants

Hannover (Germany)

Welcome to Hannover Language Training as a Vehicle for Literacy About 6000…
Assitant nurses discuss problems of work process documenation

Göttingen (Germany)

Care for others – and yourself A basic education course for assistant nurses In…
Classroom with course participants in Västeras, Sweden

Västeras (Sweden)

I want to study for a nurseMotivational course for further studies, with focus…
MobileBE Videos Stills ItalyGroup4 1

Torino (Italy)

Being able to actively participate in society Basic education to get ready for…
MobileBE Videos Stills Bulgaria 1

Lovech (Bulgaria)

Education for everyone Computer training in rural Bulgaria In the village of…
Miguel is a retired wine grower. Now he learns using a tablet computer.

Cariñena (Spain)

Mobile phones, computers, tablets You are never too old to learn Cariñena is a…
Farmer Karl sitting on a hay heap in his rural environment

Mellendorf (Germany)

Farmer Karl Literacy training for adults on the countryside In Mellendorf, a…
A group of local residents visits a Viennese neighbourhood, with a course participant as their tour guide

Vienna (Austria)

Show me your neighbourhood Developing basic skills through being a tour guide…
Related Projects

Book: New Ideas to Promote Literacy

Reports on Experimental Courses Developed and Tested in the MobileBE Project

Hannover 2020

IO3 Cover EN v02   

This book presents the outcomes of our experiments to offer basic education in a “mobile” and possibly unorthodox way to adults in particularly challenging situations in life. It contains 16 examples (eight project partners from 7 countries, each typically contributing two examples), and we hope that this collection is also useful for the reader as it was for us when we gather our own experience with the models in development.

The purpose of this book is to encourage the readers - particularly of course colleagues from the area of adult education – to start and explore options to offer basic literacy courses to target groups so far not discovered or simply thought to be not really accessible.


MobileBE IO3 Cover DE  IO3 Cover BG 02IO3 Cover 1 BG  IO3 Cover 1 BGIO3 Cover IT 02  IO3 Cover 1 BG


English edition

Final version of the book, with many pictures, professional typesetting.

Your best pick currently:

--> English version (195 pages)

(For preview see picture gallery below.)


The book in other languages

Editions of the book in other European languages. - These are prints of the properly designed book. Some are still marked as "preview" editions as we continue to do improvements in the text. Still, the pdf printouts can already be used. For improved versions, you are welcome to re-visit later. (The files have names with a numbering system so you can see on download if there is already an improved version available.)

Bulgarian edition (195 pages) - 14 MB

German edition (195 pages) - 14 MB

Swedish edition (195 pages) - 14 MB

Spanish edition (195 pages) - 14 MB

French edition (195 pages) - 14 MB

Italian edition (195 Pages) - 14 MB

Italian edition (text only) - 2 MB

Look inside the book

A number of pages (spreads) from the book for quick review.

  • IO3_Pages_p001
  • IO3_Pages_p002
  • IO3_Pages_p003
  • IO3_Pages_p004
  • IO3_Pages_p005
  • IO3_Pages_p006
  • IO3_Pages_p007
  • IO3_Pages_p008
  • IO3_Pages_p009
  • IO3_Pages_p010
  • IO3_Pages_p011
  • IO3_Pages_p012
  • IO3_Pages_p013
  • IO3_Pages_p014
  • IO3_Pages_p015
  • IO3_Pages_p016
  • IO3_Pages_p017
  • IO3_Pages_p018
  • IO3_Pages_p019
  • IO3_Pages_p020
  • IO3_Pages_p021
  • IO3_Pages_p022
  • IO3_Pages_p023
  • IO3_Pages_p024
  • IO3_Pages_p025
  • IO3_Pages_p026
  • IO3_Pages_p027
  • IO3_Pages_p028
  • IO3_Pages_p029
  • IO3_Pages_p030
  • IO3_Pages_p031
  • IO3_Pages_p032
  • IO3_Pages_p033
  • IO3_Pages_p034
  • IO3_Pages_p035
  • IO3_Pages_p036
  • IO3_Pages_p037
  • IO3_Pages_p038
  • IO3_Pages_p039
  • IO3_Pages_p040
  • IO3_Pages_p041
  • IO3_Pages_p042
  • IO3_Pages_p043
  • IO3_Pages_p044
  • IO3_Pages_p045
  • IO3_Pages_p046
  • IO3_Pages_p047
  • IO3_Pages_p048
  • IO3_Pages_p049
  • IO3_Pages_p050
  • IO3_Pages_p051
  • IO3_Pages_p052
  • IO3_Pages_p053
  • IO3_Pages_p054
  • IO3_Pages_p055
  • IO3_Pages_p056
  • IO3_Pages_p057
  • IO3_Pages_p058
  • IO3_Pages_p059
  • IO3_Pages_p060
  • IO3_Pages_p061




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