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07 August 2018

3rd coordination meeting - Sweden

The 3rd coordination meeting of the MobileBE project took place in Västeras (Sweden) on 8-9 August…
19 April 2018

2nd Coordination Meeting in Lovech

The second international coordination meeting of the MobileBE project toke place on April 18-19…
19 October 2017

Initial Meeting in Vienna

On Octobre 18-19th 2017 the project partners met in Vienna, Austria, to start the implementation of…
Next events
13 March 2019

4th coordination meeting - Spain

The 4th coordination meeting of the MobileBE project will take place in Cariñena (Zaragoza) in…
26 June 2019

5th coordination meeting - France

The 6th coordination meeting of the MobileBE project is planned for 25-28 June 2019 in Cherbourg,…
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3rd coordination meeting - Sweden

The 3rd coordination meeting of the MobileBE project took place in Västeras (Sweden) on 8-9 August 2018.

 IMG 1662 Plakatarbeit

Getting acquainted with pilot projects planned via posters.

IMG 1682 GruppenarbeitVästeras

Discussion of pilot projects.

IMG 1700 Stadtführung

A tour through the town of Västeras.

IMG 1723 VortragGundula

Gundula Laudin reports about a job shaddowing in Ireland where she got in contact with innovative forms of delivering literacy training to adults.

IMG 1761 Structuring Output3 Groupwork

Collaborative work to structure the collection of material for Output 2, a documentation of methods developed, and toolbox for implementing them.

IMG 1751 VideorecordingSebastienDubost

Recording short statements on pilots to be tested in the 7 countries.

Agenda of the meeting (download pdf)

Posters presenting pilot projects

The posters were prepared in order to summarize the state of planning of pilot projects in August 2018.

Display may time some time, as pictures are in full-size format to ensure readability of text sections.

  • Pil01_DEHan01_IMG_5883_cut
  • Pil02_AT01_IMG_5891_cut
  • Pil03_FR01_IMG_5889_cut
  • Pil04_DEHan02_IMG_5882_cut
  • Pil05_SE01_IMG_5880_cut
  • Pil06_IT02_IMG_5879_cut
  • Pil07_FR02_IMG_5874_cut
  • Pil08_BG01_IMG_5881_cut
  • Pil09_BG02_IMG_5884_cut
  • Pil10_IT01_IMG_5888_cut
  • Pil11_DEGöt01_IMG_5886_cut
  • Pil12_Göt2_IMG_5890_cut
Pilot projects presented briefly

Piloting in Vienna (Austria)

Herbert Depner, Die Wiener Volkshochschulen (Austria)

Piloting in Västerås (Sweden)

Jazmin Petersson, Västerås folkhögskola, Sweden

Piloting in Loveč (Bulgaria)

Svilen Andreev, Združenie “Znanie”, Loveč

Piloting in Cariñena (Spain)

Saray Baquedano, Centro Público de Educación de Adultos, Cariñena/Zaragoza

Piloting in Torino (Italy)

Claudia Ducange, Fondacione Casa di Carità, Torino

Piloting in Cherbourg (France)

Sébastien Dubost, INFREP, Cherbourg, France (Institut National de Formation et de Recherche sur…

Piloting in Hannover (Germany)

Christian Geiselmann, Volkshochschule Hannover (Germany)

Piloting in Göttingen (Germany)

Gundula Laudin, Volkshochschule Göttingen Osterode

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